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About Us


We are a client-oriented company that specializes in Marketing, Branding, Talent Acquisition and Special Project Management. Our head office is in Singapore and our branch office is located at the heart of Chongqing’s central business district.

Our presence in the China market is almost two decades and our integrated services are set up to facilitate between Singapore, China and the USA in the areas of talent exchange, technology exchange; manpower acquisition and migration programs to Singapore, Europe and USA. We mooted exchange programs between companies from the different industries between Singapore and China so that they can achieve win-win relationship and gain from the knowledge and technology exchange and transfer.

Above this, we provide expertise to ground brands firmly into China with our in-depth marketing studies and global branding with Franchise and Exit programs for companies in Singapore, China and USA. Our unique network and platform have gain us the recognition from the local government and we have been appointed as their Official International Trade Consultant. Currently, we are also in charge of structuring Mission Trips from Singapore and USA to Chongqing, China.


Mr Amos Goh
Mr Tan Jiak Hiang
Mr Daniel Loh
Ms Jessie Chan
Ms Magdalene YU
Mr Ng Hua Chong
Mr Soo Choon Kiat
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