Scintilla International Marketing
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Client representation


      -   Bureaucratic Advisory & Facilitation in Chongqing, Western China
      -   Land Acquisition & Facilitation
      -   Talent Acquisition & Management (Exchange Programs, Industrial Attachment)
      -   Grounding of Companies (International Brands) in Chongqing, Western China
      -   Operational Management of New Setups
      -   Marketing (Recommendation and Selection of A&Pplatforms in Chongqing, Western China



For NEW products entering the Chongqing market.

      -   SWOT Analysis
      -   Viability of product/service
      -   Evaluation and Analysis
      -   Determination of your product’s Unique Character to your particular market or industry


      For NEW and CURRENT Brands

      -   Market Assessment
      -   Global Branding                            
      -   Product Revamp & Rejuvenation


(d) FINANCE (In Collaboration with Affiliations/Advisors)

      -   Pre IPO Assessment / IPO Launch
      -   Migration (Singapore, Australia, USA, Italy)
      -   Sale of Land Parcel 
      -   Capital Injection for Company Expansion
      -   Trustee Setup (Asset Protection and Succession Planning)
      -   Setting up of company structure in Singapore/Chongqing
      -   Investment into Angel Projects
      -   Private Wealth Management by Private Banks